Studio Kairòs has edited a brochure that recaps the production process used to make a video with the Social Movie technique.


At Studio Kairòs we have produced the first Italian Social Movie “Hands – The imprint of the hands in our lives” is a 48 minutes long film, made possible thanks to the incredible possibilities of interaction offered by the web. We have identified an issue and we have submitted to a community of 500 people. Within two months, 150 short videos have been received on the website, which was specifically created for the project. They have been  recorded by enthusiasts and professional filmmakers. Studio Kairos has also managed all the subsequent stages of the film production. Our technology innovation project was supported by the European Social Fund and has demonstrated the applicability of Crowdsourcing (from “crowd” = crowd and “outsourcing” = outsourcing) to video production.

What is a Social Movie? A film made by a collective work, which is based on a project that is shared with a wide range of people. People and filmmakers, who through many different means of recording – smartphones, cameras, camcorders – decided to tell what is around them from different points of view, very different from each other. The produced material is collected by a team of professionals, working as a team to the realization of the final film. By Social Movie we mean, therefore, a new communication tool, able to give voice to a community of people who use the immediacy of language to build their own video story of reality.


A Social Movie is the perfect tool for those who need to promote their brand or business, a product, a service or an event, or to communicate effectively its mission. Companies, associations or institutions can reach and engage thousands of people, because with a Social Movie the reference community (made up of customers, employees, members or participants of the event) will give life to the story of each experience and compose the fascinating mosaic from which the movie will emerge.


A Social Movie is not just a movie. The entire production process makes possible to obtain a plurality of communication tools generated by the contributions that have been received, processed according to the stylistic requirements requested by the customer. Studio Kairòs follows step by step the work of the community, it helps them focusing their goals and stimulates creativity.


The Social Movie allows you to create a variety of promotional products: commercials, corporate videos, music videos, video for the web, but also complex films as movie and documentaries. The most important innovation is in the language used and in the relationship that a Social Movie establishes with its audience. In front of a Social Movie there are no passive viewers, because even those who did not take part in the production process perceive the product very close to them. The promotion of the message and the content, headed up by our professional staff, will be qualitatively great, while maintaining the freshness and authenticity that characterizes the films made by ordinary people, who have experienced directly their story. For this reason, a Social Movie has a high rate of sharing. It is surprising, exciting and immediate.


Your community (members, customers, employees, fun …) is involved in a new and fun activity, renewing your communication strategy.

Get more products with just one service. Video clips to be published on the website of your business and linked on social networks, commercials and professional corporate videos. Everything caractherized by a new and absolutely innovative language, suitable for dissemination on the Web.

You have a service that you can replicate  for any type of product or event on consecutive seasons. Your contacts increase and your community grows.

Your activity is promoted with transparency and credibility. Communication becomes truly “social”: the community is pushed to spontaneously sharing the contents, the same sharing that contributed to its realization.

The community is made loyal to your company more and more as it identifyes itself with your project.