A great result for The Giants of the Sea!

Dear friends, yesterday was a great day for us of Kairostudio! The Giants of the Sea was broadcasted on the TV show Geo on RAITRE and you were so many watching it!!! Our documentary reached an average share of more than 10%, resulting in 1 million viewers. These data go largely beyond the average Geo’s share of yesterday, which was around the 7,5%, and the average share of RAITRE of the week, which was around the 8,8%. Thank you so much! And please, keep following us, in the next days we will let you know what happened from the moment we left our boat Matuca until the broadcast on TV. These months have been full of excitement and full of wonderful people who gave their contribution to this project. And we will also tell you about new projects and much moreā€¦
Stay tuned!!